Best tips to give your resume a competitive advantage 

Importance of a well-written resume

One of the best things you can do for your career is to write an outstanding CV that will always capture the attention of recruiters. A well-written resume can open doors for you. Its importance throughout your career cannot be overemphasized. A resume reaches the table of the recruiter before you do. Your resume is the first impression you will make with the recruiter, and you want to leave them impressed. It highlights your academic qualifications, experience, and skillset. A good CV makes you credible for the job you are applying for and helps the recruiter see that you are a good fit for the role. CVs are an important tool for a job search, and you need to make sure that yours is always sharp. 

A good CV gives you an advantage over other candidates. It gives you an edge because it is convincing. It convinces recruiters about your candidacy. A good resume steers you towards interviews and great employment opportunities. 

It is also a tool for personal branding. You can use your resume to brand yourself as a professional. It will display your expertise and accomplishment. 

Recruiters have hundreds of CVs to go through, and if yours is cliche, dull, or disorganized, it will be thrown into a pile. They only take a few seconds to gauge whether you are fit for the job, so you must create a CV that stands out in seconds. 

Top 8 ways to get your cv noticed by recruiters;

How to write a CV that gets noticed by employers

  • Tailor your CV to the role
  • Give your resume order and make it presentable
  • Write clearly and write well
  • Show them numbers
  • Reduce personal details 
  • Write about your skills and show instances where you have used them
  • Focus on experience and accomplishment
  • Eliminate mistakes by proofreading (have experts look through your resume)
    Tailor your CV to the role; Retouch your CV for any job you want to apply for. As a job seeker, you should have more than one resume. These resumes are for different job roles suited to your skills. As a content creator, you can have a resume for content writing jobs, social media management jobs, and content marketing jobs. If you find a job opening, find the resume you have designed for a similar role and refurbish it before you apply. Trim down your experiences to the ones that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Another trick you can use to get noticed by recruiters is to use keywords from the job description to beef up your CV. It will call their attention. If the job ad states that the company is looking for a ‘goal-oriented’ individual, add goal-oriented to your description and make it appear natural. This strategy also works for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that many recruiters use. 
    Give your resume order and make it presentable; Typically, a recruiter spends no more than 10-15 seconds to find something that stands out on your resume. If your CV lacks order or looks unpresentable/untidy, it will go into the rejection pile. Consider tone, style, font, layout, and language when writing your resume. Keep the tone warm, respectful, and professional. Write in full text and use professional fonts. You can never go wrong with Times New Roman and Arial. Any size between 10-13 works, and use 1.5 spacing to make it clear. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to give your resume order and make it presentable. It will also help you remove clutter and make your CV easy to skim through. Make your resume neat and more readable to stand out for recruiters. Try to keep your CV down to two pages no matter how experienced you are. If you have to deliver your CV by hand, get a big envelope to prevent wrinkle or slight to the paper.
    Write clearly and write well; Want a simple trick to stand out to any job recruiter no matter the role? Write well! If you can impress the recruiter with a well-written resume, you have one leg through the door. Apply all your writing talents to your CV. A well-written resume will stand out for its impeccable writing. Impress the recruiter with your creative writing, and you can leave a lasting impression on them. Use action verbs and write in an active voice. Don’t be boring. Give the recruiter a literary treat with your resume but don’t get carried away. It is still a formal document. If you are unsure about your writing skills, consider using an attractive CV template to design your resume. You can also use a CV writer to get an outstanding resume. Consider using CV writers because they are experts with years of experience in recruitment. They can help you cook an amazing resume. It will save you stress and produce results for you.

    Show them your numbers; You can stand out to recruiters by showing them data. Feed them the raw numbers of your performance, and they will be interested in you. Bringing your numbers shows that you can quantify your work and stand by your results. Show them the amounts, percentages, profits. These numbers can help your resume stand out. 
    Examples of using numbers
    • During my time as the Hotel Manager of Atwoods, we increased customer satisfaction by 34%. We had more positive ratings than ever before.
    • During my time as Lead Digital Marketer at Paid4, using a campaign budget of $3,500, we achieved a conversion rate of 28%, leading to a $12,470 increase in revenue.

    This use of numbers will call the attention of the recruiter immediately. They will see that you have impacted your former workplace. The recruiters will want those impressive results for their company. Outlining the amounts you’ve overseen will help them understand your seniority in the field. Make sure whatever you are writing is true, and you can back it up. Employers will expect extraordinary results when they hire you.
    Reduce personal details; Cut out the personal details on your resume. Keep the essential personal information down to the barest minimum. Your resume does not need to contain every piece of information about you. Your contact details matter, but your sex doesn’t. Remove unnecessary details like age and state of origin. Check for any outliers in the job description. If there are any, you can add them to your CV. The employer does not need to know everything about your personal life. You only owe them your professional experience. While it can be tempting to add a little biography, don’t. It is unnecessary. Avoid adding things like hobbies and interests except the recruiter asks you to. These details can encourage bias in the hiring process. They don’t help your CV. 
    Write about your skills and show instances where you have used them; Take your time to write about the skills you possess that make you a good fit for the role. Remember that the goal is to stand out, so write creatively and distinctly. Don’t simply write about your skills. Write about instances where you used those skills. Show employers the benefits of your skills. Help the recruiter to see how your skills can benefit their organization. Include foreign languages if you speak any and add other skills like coding and graphic design if you have them. They may not be relevant to the job, but possessing many valuable skills will impress recruiters. 

    Focus on experience and accomplishment; If there was ever a time to brag, it should be on your CV. Talk about your experience and what you accomplished in those jobs. Remember to bring in your numbers where necessary. You can outline your job responsibilities and also make sure you explain what these responsibilities helped to achieve. Show recruiters why you are useful to them, and you will stand out. Remember to include only job-specific experience. 
    Also, don’t waste your time explaining why you left your previous role. Hiring managers know you were either unhappy or moved for a better opportunity. If the recruiter is interested in this information, they will ask you during the interview. Keep such negative info away from your CV. Your resume should be warm, professional, and positive.
    Eliminate mistakes by proofreading (have experts look through your resume); Read, reread, and proofread your resume before sending it out. The last place you want to make a mistake is on one of the most important documents of your career. Go through your resumes and correct any mistakes. Check spelling and punctuation errors. Spelling/grammatical errors will stick out like a sore thumb, and they can send your CV to the rejection pile. Use tools like Grammarly and The Hemingway Editor to ensure your writing is accurate. Also, send out copies of your resume to friends and family to help you proofread and share suggestions for improvement. You can take it a step further by sharing it with any recruiter you have a great relationship with and making adjustments. They know how to write a resume that gets noticed. Check your dates, cross-check your numbers, and keep things factual. Your CV is an ever-evolving documentRetouch and update your resumes regularly. Yes, resumes, because you should have more than one for different roles. Update them with your new skills and experience as you develop in your field. Add new responsibilities and show the recruiters the benefits of carrying out those responsibilities. Remove old job posts, especially if they are not relevant to your current position. If you are in a senior-level role, you can remove the entry-level jobs you did to keep your resume concise. 

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