Best company recruitment strategies to attract and retain talent

The importance of finding the best talents

Finding and attracting top talent is important in this incredibly competitive business world, and you need to employ creative recruitment strategies. A company is only as extraordinary as its people. For any business looking to be the best in its field, employing the best talent should be the goal. Why? Because the best talents give their companies a competitive edge. The top talents have the ideas and the drive to take the business forward. They give your business a competitive advantage with their ideas. They also have incredible growth potential, and it is profitable to see that potential come to fruition under your business.

Another reason for hiring the best talent is that you will not have to spend time undoing the damage a bad hire can do to your business. Hiring the wrong person can lead to loss of productivity, morale, and money for your business. Finding the top candidate eliminates this loss of efficiency. 

Also, hiring the top talents allows you to save money on training costs. Businesses save money on training by hiring the best in the field, and even if they require training, the training time will be considerably less. It will also cost less. 

Top companies are looking for top talent 

The most successful companies are known for aggressively finding and poaching the best talents on the market. Luis Von Ahn, CEO of language learning app Duolingo and inventor of the annoying CAPTCHA (and reCAPTCHA), will regale you with stories about how Bill Gates tried to recruit him for Microsoft. Gates offered him a role that would have seen him rise to the board of directors in no time. Steve Jobs also tried tirelessly to get him to work for Apple. If you are wondering why two of the greatest minds in the world were vying for his signature. It is because he was a top talent in science and technology. He won the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2006, signaling him as one of the top talents in his field. It was only right that the big firms were justling for his signature. 

But it is so hard to find and attract top talents

Finding skilled and high-quality candidates is difficult for so many reasons. For one, big companies love to poach top talents, making it hard to appeal to high-quality candidates. And it is not just about the paychecks. At the big companies, they can work on bigger and better projects. The big companies are also steeped in employer branding and use this strong employer brand to attract the top talents. 

Imagine combating for a software engineering talent with Google. Apart from the unbelievable pay they can offer, there is an attractive work culture within the firm that makes the company irresistible. Their famous 70-20-10 model will also help them pull the talent. Google believes that employees should only focus 70% of their time on company tasks. They believe employees should dedicate 20% to working on personal projects and the remaining 10% on training. This sort of employer brand enables them to pull top talents.

A lack of experience can also prevent a business from hiring the right candidate despite the potential. Most companies are looking for candidate experience, and some talents may not possess such, disqualifying them. Other benign challenges businesses face when finding the top talent include location issues and a lack of skills. 

5 amazing employee recruitment strategies to find top talents

• Develop an attractive employer brand 

• Write enthralling job descriptions

• Use social media 

• Look through past applicants for fresh talents

• Find them at webinars, seminars, and other industry-related meetings

These hiring and recruiting strategies can help you attract top talent.

Develop an attractive employer brand; Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation as an employer, and you should make it as attractive as possible for top talents. What is your company known for to job seekers? What is your company proposing to top talents? 95% of job seekers claimed that a business’s reputation influences their decision to work for a company. You need to manage and influence your business’s reputation to attract top talent. 

You are trying to sell them your brand, so what is your employer value proposition? This value proposition includes elements like company location(s) and facilities, accessibility and convenience, compensation, career development, management style, team caliber and quality, quality of work, employee recognition, work-life balance, benefits, such as dental insurance, and vacation time. There are other job perks like lunch, on-site childcare, flextime, telecommuting, commuter credits, bonuses, housing subsidies, relocation, travel opportunities and client exposure, opportunities to perform community service, and job security. Top talents want these perks, and if you are not providing them, they will apply to companies that do. Employer branding is one of the best recruiting tactics companies employ to attract top hires.

To find out your employer brand, consider taking a survey from your current workers. Their reviews are the best place to start evaluating your brand as an employer. Find out how you can improve the work experience for your current staff. Also, feel free to talk about the perks and benefits of working for your company in your job ads. Use it to attract top talent when you send out job descriptions. You can show off your employer brand on social media and your website. Chances are they will visit your page or website to find out more about you. Show them a thriving work culture and the benefits of working with your firm. 

See how SalesForce uses social media to brag about its employer branding. They post team photos, host employee virtual dance parties, promote corporate events, and company achievements. Their content is employee life, and that kind of focus on their employee work experience makes their employer branding remarkable. Unilever uses direct testimonials from employees for social media content, thus enhancing its employer brand.

Write enthralling job descriptions; There is a tendency to be too formal when writing job descriptions, and in doing that, you subconsciously sell your business as dull. When writing job descriptions, you are selling your company to a prospective employee, and if you want top talent, you have to write something memorable. An overly formal job description can bore great hires away from your business. Writing a compelling job description is one of the most effective recruitment strategies. 

When you write a job post, this might be the first interaction a candidate has with your business. You don’t want to be forgettable. Write memorable job posts. When writing job descriptions, consider letting them know some of the fun benefits of working for your company. Be creative with it too. Do you offer remote work to workers that apply for it? State it in the job description. Show prospective candidates that you are open to making their work experience better. Do you have the best in-house company coffee in all of Boston? Write it. Sell your business as fun and exciting with your job descriptions, and you’ll get better applicants interested in your job openings. 

Pro-tip: You can keep things formal under the skills and experience required for the job and make things exciting under the benefits section. Don’t focus on compensation. Talk about your work culture and show them that you care about their well-being as employees.

Use social media; Use your social media to post and advertise jobs. Some of the smartest and wittiest folks are browsing through their social media pages, and you should use yours to advertise your job openings to them. Post your job openings on social media to get a different crowd. You can also try finding talents on social media spaces. You’ll find ‘influencers’ or very knowledgeable people on social media, and you can recruit them for your firm. Also, your social media pages should reflect your brand values and work culture. Take your time to curate an enthralling social media page or hire a social media manager to do it. Your social media page should espouse your company ethos and display an attractive work culture. 

Look through past applicants for fresh talents; Sometimes, the best talents are already on the company database, and all you have to do is skim through it again. Applicants get discouraged when applying to companies that have rejected them before, and you could miss out on a gem when you neglect past applicants. Before sending out job posts for a new opening, sort through previous applications, and you can find a great recruit to reassess for new roles. 

Find them at webinars, seminars, and other industry-related meetings; Want to find kickass accounting talent in the market, look in accounting spaces, and you’ll find some of the best and brightest minds for the role. The same goes for any field. Attend niche webinars, seminars, and other industry-related meetups, and you’ll find fresh talent waiting to be tapped. When you find them, reach out to them for a cup of coffee. It can be a semi-interview before the main interview. Focus on knowledge of the industry, fresh ideas, and drive. Try to focus less on experience. Remember to also sell your business to them. Get them interested in your business. 

Hiring top talent is important

There is no better definition of ‘business mogul’ than Richard Branson. He is the CEO of Virgin Group, a consortium of over 400 companies. When interviewed by Guy Raz for NPR’s How I Built This podcast, the British business magnate said he doesn’t know how to run most businesses under his company, so he hires the best managers to manage them. He calls his people the greatest asset and the lifeblood of the brand. Finding the best talent on the job market may be difficult, but you can use the creative hiring tactics listed to find better-quality applicants for your business.


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