Ways to improve your job ads

Hiring the right person

The best way to find the right person for a job is to write job ads that appeal to the ideal candidates. Finding the perfect candidate to fill a position can be difficult, but the first step towards attracting that person is writing perfect employment ads. A job advertisement should interest and attract the right candidate while communicating the requirements for the role. Job ads should discourage unsuitable candidates from applying for the job. 

If you write a great job ad, you will get good results. Even if you post on free job advertising sites, you will find the right candidate. Job advertising sites will even push your post to the top if you write something great.

A simple job ad template 

There are a few elements that a job posting has to contain to get the right message across to the ideal candidate. A job ad should be succinct, explanatory, and concise. You can alter the structure of your job ad, but there are essential items that must always find their way to the post. A job advert should include; 

• Job title

• Company or recruitment agency

• Job location

• Job schedule 

• Qualifications and experience required

• Job role 

• A mapped out profile of your ideal candidate

• Benefits

• Salary or salary guide

• Description of organization (protip: talk about your work culture and values)

• Contact details

Why your job ad is not attracting the right candidate

There are several reasons why job ads do not attract the ideal candidate profile. Poorly-written ads will detract the right candidate from the vacancy. Employment job postings with many fillers and grammatical errors will not attract top talents. Top applicants are tickled by well-articulated/structured job ads. If yours does not meet that standard, they will look elsewhere. Vague ads will also not attract the right candidates. Applicants want to see a clearly-defined job ad. Some companies post free job ads with the salary box saying, “Negotiable” or “Competitive”. These abstract terms can deter the right candidate from applying for the job. Clearly state the salary and leave nothing to the imagination. 

Lastly, the right candidates gloss over companies when the work culture is not captured in the job post. Work culture and company values are essential because they help candidates know if they can do their best work in that community. Communicating the work culture within the firm is essential for your job ad. The right candidate should be able to picture themselves fitting into the work culture of your firm. If they cannot, they will not apply for the job. The applicants should buy into your company’s values and ethos. Better quality candidates will be attracted to the opening if the job ad articulates the work culture and sheds light on the company’s principles.

How to write job ads that will attract the right candidate

• Write bold/clear headlines

• Write well-structured job ads

• Accurately describe the job role

• Make compulsory requirements very clear (also state good-to-have skills)

• Create an ideal candidate profile that the ideal candidate can identify with

• Write attractively about work culture and company values

• State the salary and benefits 

• Proofread and eliminate vagueness 

Write bold/clear headlines; Use clear and concise headlines to start your job ad. Short and precise headlines work best. A simple headline like ‘Tax Accountant’ is enough to pull the attention of any tax accountant for further reading. This is better than trying a fancy caption like ‘Tax remunerator’, ‘Marketing Specialist’ or ‘Marketing Guru’. These unnecessary terms can make a job ad look vague. When it comes to job headlines, short and straight-to-the-point headlines work best. The headline should be the most basic form of the job description. Don’t add any unnecessary bits to this. A simple ‘Physics teacher’, ‘Web developer’, or ‘Tax Accountant’ is enough to call the attention of the right people.

Write well-structured job ads; Haphazard job ads can deter great applicants. Plan out your job ad and give it some order. Use subheaders, paragraphs, bullet points, or numbering to space out the ad. They will help you declutter the ad and make it easy to read/navigate for applicants. The guide above has a clear structure, and you can use it to create engaging ads. Write efficiently and include niche language in your ad to speak to the professional within the applicant. Using technical language based on the role will let qualified candidates know that this job is looking for them. If you are looking for a content writer, include copywriting terms like copy & CTA in the job ad.  

Accurately describe the job role; The job role refers to the duties the recruit will be carrying out. You want to make sure that they know all the work you expect from them, but you also don’t want to make things look dull. Try to write directly to the applicant about their role and write in a warm/welcoming tone. Don’t make your job description look burdensome. Write out the role the applicant will fill and write it in a way they can see themselves doing it. “We are looking for a creative videographer to help us tell stories” is more welcoming/attractive than “The selected candidate will design videos for marketing campaigns, product launch…”

The first job description is warm and invites the applicant to partake in a vision, while the second is brash. Accurately describe the job role but make it exciting for the applicants too. Help them to see themselves performing in the position by personalizing the ad.

Make compulsory requirements very clear (also state good-to-have skills); Under the requirements for the job, you can outline any academic or skill requirements. When doing this, divide the section into two. Compulsory skills and skills that are good to have. Compulsory skills are necessary skills that the applicants must have to perform their duties. They are a must-have. Good-to-have skills are an advantage (not compulsory). 

Good command of the English Language is a must-have skill for any copywriter. However, a skill like graphic design is a good-to-have skill. These good-to-have skills are a bonus that increases the chances of an applicant. Be considerate when demanding skills from applicants. Be reasonable with your expectations. Too many demands can make applicants think you want to use them for multiple roles. Consider speaking to the previous occupant of the job to find out the required skills. You can also talk to a direct manager to figure out the compulsory skills and the good-to-have skills.

Create an ideal candidate profile that applicants can identify with; You should define the personality of the ideal candidate and write it down in the job ad. When you write it down, it can help call the right candidate. A well-written profile can help candidates envision themselves in the position. If they can visualize their personality fitting into the ideal candidate profile, they can see themselves working for you. 

Write attractively about work culture and company values; You have told the applicants all you need from them, and now you have to tell them what they’ll get working with you. Explain your company objectives and show them the work culture that drives the team towards the company goals. Modern-day workers are attracted to these company perks. Show applicants that you have a thriving work culture, and they will be interested in working for you. Establish company ethos/values and communicate them in your job ads to attract the right candidate. It is a creative recruitment strategy that appeals to candidates that want more than a job. These perks appeal to individuals that want a career. 

State the salary and benefits; Clearly state the salary for the role to let candidates know what they will be earning. Salary is a big motivation for a lot of workers. Many workers leave their jobs when the salary does not align with their expectations. Save time by stating how much the recruit will earn if they take the role. If there are other benefits of working for your company, state them. The best candidates use benefits as deal-breakers when they have many offers on the table. State all positive benefits of working for the business from insurance to holidays to stock options. Make your salary and benefits clear to the candidates.

Proofread job ads and eliminate vagueness; Proofreading your job ad will allow you to correct any grammatical and technical errors. Cross-check the figures and make sure no compulsory requirements are left out. Take time to remove ambiguity from the post, especially when it comes to headlines. Remove trendy keywords from your job ads because they can come off as performative. 

Encourage candidates to take the next step!

When you get the right candidate interested in your job opening, use a clear call to action to tell them what to do next. ‘Apply now’ and ‘apply for this job’ are common CTAs used for job ads. You can also drop an email to send their resume and other files. Creating the CTA might be out of your hands, especially if you automate job posting. However, it can direct the right candidate to you. Also, make sure that your job ads are mobile-friendly. Most applicants will view your job ad on their phone so make it easy to view and move to the next step. 


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