Benefits of using recruitment agencies to find a job

Finding a job is hard

Job hunting can be a menace. Looking for a job can be time-consuming, money-consuming, arduous, filled with long-suffering, pitfalls, and disappointments. If you have been searching for a job for some time, it can be hard on your mental health. The anxiety of waiting for callbacks, the fear of failing interviews, and the disappointment of not getting hired can be damaging. If you are struggling to get a job, it is important to remember that you are not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

3 common reasons why finding a job is difficult (some easy solutions)

There are several reasons why finding a job can be hard. The problems are innumerable. However, three common problems plague job seekers, and they are;

• CV issues

• Lack of academic qualification

• Lack of required experience

CV issues are a common problem for most job seekers. This problem can be twofold. First of all, candidates fail to tailor their CVs for the positions they are applying for, and this mistake can rule them out of a job opening. As a job seeker, you should tailor your CV for the roles you will be applying for. A digital marketer should have a resume tailored for digital marketing, content creation, and social media managing jobs. The skills needed for the roles overlap, so candidates use the same CV to apply for the different roles. Try to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for to gain more traction. Highlight the core skills needed for the new role and show how you used them in your experience. Secondly, most companies use Applicant Tracking Software to find recruits, so your CV should be ATS friendly. In fact, this is why ats is used in recruitment. CVs with bad formats are overlooked. Look through the job ad for key details and skills that the employer is looking for and add them to your CV. You will get better results.

Lack of academic qualifications also disqualifies candidates from some roles. Job seekers who do not have an adequate background usually fall short. If you find yourself in this situation, a solution is to undertake certification courses. If you studied computer science but are looking for a career in media marketing, it can be hard to get yourself an audience. However, undertaking certification courses in digital marketing and social media marketing can impress employers. Show them you have taken time to gain the required academic background. Many renowned platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, Google, and LinkedIn offer quality certification courses that can open doors for you. A lack of experience stacks the odds against job seekers, especially first-time job seekers. It can be hard to find that first job because you don’t have the experience. Ironically, you need a job to get experience. Filling volunteer positions while looking for a paid job can help you gather some experience. Consider internships at companies that you would like to work for.

Recruiters can help you find a job

If you have been job hunting for some time with no results, consider using a recruiter. A recruiter is someone whose duty is to find high-quality and suitable candidates to fill a job role. They must help the employer and recruit throughout the hiring process. Recruiters are not hiring managers, but they provide a unique opportunity that you can take advantage of to find a job. A recruiter can be an individual, a recruitment agency, or a staffing agency.

6 reasons why you should look to a recruiter for your next job

• Access to exclusive opportunities

• Resume/interview/career tips

• Recruiters expand your employer network

• Recruiters keep you in the mix  

• Recruiters help you save time 

• Recruiters will help you to negotiate the salary the role deserves

Access to exclusive opportunities; Whether by posting on their job board or through email alerts, job agencies give you access to exclusive job opportunities. Recruiters are the first to know when an opening is available, and you can take advantage of that speed to get your dream job. Recruitment agencies also have access to some jobs that are not widely advertised. Maintaining a good relationship with a recruiter can open that opportunity to you. You might miss out on fantastic career opportunities by relying only on job-search websites. Recruiters give you access to more opportunities, increasing your chances of getting hired. 

Some recruiters have a long-standing relationship with companies. The companies trust the recruiters to bring in highly-qualified candidates as they have always done. While the position will not be advertised publicly, you can access these job openings with a recruiter on your side. Your resume might even rise to the top of the pile.

Resume and interview tips + career guidance; Recruiters can help you improve your CV and give you tips that will make your resume stand out from the crowd. Through their email marketing efforts, they share tips from their data analysis that helps to improve your resume and perfect your cover letters. Recruiters also give you a heads up for interviews. They go through the extra pains of calling, texting, and emailing job seekers about how interviews will go. You can also get tips for answering some common but tricky interview questions. Recruiters can give you a heads up on the particular characteristics/qualities employers are looking for during interviews. 

Recruiters can give you invaluable career guidance, and they are in your corner even after you gain employment. They will still be sharing opportunities with you to help you climb your career ladder even after you are employed. These people share in your progress and success. Recruiters can help you define your career goals and create a strategy for achieving the objective. They are career experts, and they can guide you to make the most of yours!

Recruiters expand your employer network; Recruiters have connections that run deep, and you can do your career a favor by tapping into that rich network. They have a wider network than you can ever imagine, and that extensive connection can help your job-seeking efforts. Their connections extend across various industries/sectors, and they can find you great opportunities in places you never knew. Using a recruiter can help you push your profile into profitable databases. 

Recruiters keep you in the mix; If you apply for a job through random job posting sites, once that session is over, you are cut off from any further contact. Recruiters, on the other hand, always keep you in the mix. They keep your resume even if you did not get the first position you applied for. Recruiters will keep trying to bring you opportunities because they want what is best for you. Your resume does not go into the trash can. They will keep it in their database and find something else for you. They have advanced software systems that allow them to keep track of your details, and they will keep matching you to jobs. Constantly being in the mix increases your chances of finding that new job.

Recruiters help you save time; Searching for a job can be very hard and time-consuming, but recruiters can help you save precious time. Scouring the internet for job offers can take time, but recruiters will bring these opportunities to your doorsteps. They can even recommend you for jobs without you even applying. If you have a job but you are looking for a different experience or something better, consider using recruiters. You will save valuable time. Recruiters have the opportunities, so you don’t go wasting time. Also, when recruiters have interviewed you before, they already understand your personality and motivation. They can help you do fewer interviews. You can save time by using a recruiter and avoiding countless interviews. They can make processes easier and faster. 

Recruiters will help you negotiate the salary the role deserves; Salary negotiation can be a very nervous ordeal. Job seekers are anxious not to drop the ball but also don’t want to be underpaid. Recruiters can help you discuss/negotiate compensation and benefits with employers. They are experts in the field and know what you deserve for the role you’ll be playing. If you have special skills that are very difficult to acquire, recruiters will help negotiate a salary commensurate with your value to the organization. Recruiters want the best for you, and they want the best candidates to fill positions for their clients. They are willing to negotiate and find good grounds for both parties. Salaries, benefits, and compensation packages are the perks that attract top candidates. Top candidates use these perks to decide which company they want to work for. Recruiters will help you get the best of these packages from the employer.

How to choose a recruiter to help you land your next job 

• Use referrals

• Go through their network

• Find out if they are specialist 

Use referrals; Find recruiters through your family, friends, and colleagues. Ask them if they have used a recruiter and how helpful the recruiter was in finding them employment. Look for a recruiter who has enough success stories and has helped place candidates in great employment positions. 

Go through their network; Research the recruiter’s network to find out if they are telling the truth about their success stories. Use the internet to check through the clients they have worked with. LinkedIn is a good place to start for research like this. Good recruiters connect to several human resources personnel and several organizations.

Find a specialist recruiter; Consider a recruiter if they recruit especially for your field. A recruiter that specializes in your field will give you access to a lot of opportunities, industry insight, and help you map out a feasible career path. 


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