How to hire the right candidate

Importance of good recruitment 

For any business looking to succeed, hiring the right candidate is important. Building a company from the ground can be difficult, but finding the right people to join you as you go can ensure success. You need the right personnel to build a solid organization as a business owner. The key is to find candidates that tick boxes like personality, education, experience, leadership, motivation, and skill. A company is only as extraordinary as the people it hires

Finding the right candidate for the job will give you an advantage over your competitors, and it should be your goal as a business owner. For one, choosing the right candidate for the job brings a good return on investment. The process of hiring and onboarding costs money, so does salary, benefits, and compensation. However, if that money is spent on the right candidate, you’ll see a return on that investment. Their value will exceed the amount you spend on them. You can also save time and money on training costs by hiring the best candidates. They will not require any training before starting the job, and even if they do, it will cost less. 

Hiring the wrong person 

With a task as difficult and as technical as hiring, it is normal that there will be mistakes sometimes. It is impossible to deduce how a candidate will perform on the job. Sometimes you can end up hiring the wrong person. Also, with the time constraint, there is a lot of pressure to fill the role quickly. That pressure can lead to hiring the wrong person

Hiring the wrong person can waste time and scarce resources. A bad employee wastes time. They waste time spent on recruiting and training them for the role. They also waste the money spent on recruiting, onboarding/training, salaries, and benefits. If you hire a bad employee, you might also have to spend money on compensation when you let them go. 

A wrong hire can reduce the efficiency of the business and deplete morale around the workspace. They can damage client relationships and create problems within and outside the business. As a business owner, you must avoid making the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate at all costs. A bad recruit can cost you more than you realize. 

You cannot completely avoid hiring mistakes. However, you can make sure that on most occasions, you are hiring the right person. A few tips can guide you to hire the best possible candidates on the job market.

 12 tips to help you hire the best candidates;

  • Plan the hiring process
  • Write better job ads
  • Watch out for work ethic 
  • Watch out for their attitude towards continuous learning and self-improvement
  • Find out what they are passionate about
  • Ask about their career goals
  • Listen to them, listen for the questions they will ask
  • Get an outside opinion on the interview
  • Focus on relevant experience 
  • Research your candidate thoroughly 
  • Consider your work culture and company ethos
  • Test their knowledge

Plan the hiring process; Plan the hiring process before you start and map out a recruitment strategy to help you hire the best candidate. You can use a checklist to outline the whole process from the job ad to the experience required to the candidate’s personality, skills, work ethic, attitude, and academic qualification. Determine the strengths that will be vital for the role and add them to your checklist. Plan adequate time for the process to avoid hiring the wrong person in a rush. Build your ideal candidate and write down the characteristics you want them to possess. You can add the candidate profile to your job ad. Hire the candidate that ticks the right boxes for you.

Write better job ads; Writing great job ads is one way to attract top candidates to your firm. It is a potent employee recruitment strategy. Write attractive job ads, and you will get better quality applicants and a better pool to fish. Make your headlines short and clear. Use the job title the headline. Avoid vague terms in your headlines because they can drive top candidates away. ‘Digital Marketer’ is a better headline than ‘Digital Guru’. Be clear and concise. Make the salary visible and show candidates your work culture/company ethos. The best candidates are looking for these perks, and they will be attracted to your organization if you show them you have that thriving work culture.

Watch out for work ethic; There is nothing worse than hiring a lazy person or someone who needs constant motivation to get the job done. They can delay work and reduce efficiency. When hiring for a new role, look for people who pride themselves on their productivity and how much work they can accomplish. If possible, let them know the workload they will be undertaking and study their reaction. Also, their attitude towards their work should matter to you. Hire candidates that take pride in the quality of their work. If their work matters to them, your business will matter to them.

Watch out for their attitude towards continuous learning and self-improvement; The best candidates want to keep learning. They want to keep improving in their field until they can perform at a world-class level. As a business owner, you should only hire candidates that show this yearning for self-development. Candidates with immense potential are always looking for opportunities to grow and develop their skills. Watch out for this quality before you hire your next team member. Hire people with a positive view towards life-long learning and professional development. Recruit candidates that undertake certification courses and attend webinars/seminars. They are constantly looking to grow, and you should tap that ambition for your business. 

Find out what they are passionate about; As cliche as it sounds, finding out what a candidate is passionate about can help you pick better candidates. Look for candidates that are passionate about career-oriented things. Finding out what drives them personally can help you understand what drives their work. Use a conversational tone when talking to candidates about their passions. Even if you do not get any tangible results, that tone can help make the candidate more relaxed and expressive. 

Ask about their career goals; As mentioned earlier, you should hire a career-oriented candidate. A career-oriented individual sets career goals and maps how they want to achieve them. Engage them on their plan to achieve those objectives. Their career goals can tell you how ambitious they are, and you can also see if you can play a part in the growth process. Ask candidates how they see their trajectory over the next five years and how they intend to make the climb. The details from this conversation can help you understand how committed the candidate is to their goals. Their vision for themselves is insightful for understanding their drive and motivation. Always hire career-focused people.

Listen to them, listen for the questions they ask; One of the mistakes you can make during the hiring process is failing to listen to the candidates in front of you. Carefully listen to what they say and the questions they have to ask you. Look for candidates interested in the work and not someone who has only questions about salaries/benefits. Find someone with a genuine interest in the job. Note the candidates that are interested in the work culture of the company. When you ask them questions, listen to how they answer the questions. Do you appreciate their thinking process? Their insight? It can help you find amazing employees.

Get an outside opinion on the interview; Get some fresh perspective when hiring by inviting a third person for the interview. You can get this person to be present or record the interview and show it to them later. The former is the best choice. You can choose other team members to talk to the candidate during the interview. They can give you some vital insight that you missed during the interview. The outside view can give you a different perspective on the person you are interviewing. Invite one or two team members for your next interview, and they can help you find the best candidate for the job.

Focus on relevant experience; Don’t overly focus on previous experience but don’t discount it either. Fish out relevant experience from the candidate’s resume and find out as much as you can around it. Focusing on the practical experience will help you identify if the candidate can perform the same role in your company. Also, if they have the necessary experience, you can save time and money that you’d spend on training. 

Consider your work culture and company ethos; Part of building a notable employer brand is establishing a work culture. You should identify and espouse your brand values too. Top candidates are interested in these brand values. They don’t just want to exist in an office space. They want to work and thrive in an environment brimming with a discernible culture. Identify and highlight the intangible things that make working for your company worthwhile. Many companies use social media to show their brand values and work culture. You can too! This strategy can help you attract better-quality candidates. 

Research your candidate thoroughly; Do thorough research on any candidate you are considering for employment. Research their academic qualifications, speak to references, previous bosses, and old colleagues. This research will help you understand what the recruit is like professionally. Talk to the references they offer and dig deeper into their personality. Crosscheck their social media pages to ensure their views align with your company’s culture and ethos. Make sure your new employee is not defacing your brand on social media. You can go on LinkedIn to research candidates professionally.

Test their knowledge; Test any potential employee to see how good they are at the job. You can give them problems they will face in their day-to-day work with your company. Analyze their performance before hiring anyone. Find challenges that require the skills they put in their resumes and test their ability. A good test can help you determine the right candidate to hire. 

Be open, be flexible

While it is perfectly alright to have some demands, don’t set extraordinary standards for prospective employees. Be reasonable with your demands. Be open to a few changes that may not go according to the plan. A seemingly perfect candidate might insist on working remotely when you need them on-site. Keep an open mind towards the demands of prospective employees to avoid missing out on a great employee. Also, don’t let geography limit you. You can find talents from around the globe, and they can join your business from wherever they are in the world. There are some incredible talents in the different corners of this planet.


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