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“Move beyond lip service” is Michele Marshall’s motto. As the founder and CEO of Reflections Staffing, this is her formal commitment to a better society. Arriving at her breaking point, she realized that Reflections was no longer an idea but is now a necessity. After coming to the realization that the Covid-19 pandemic recovery will have a long-lasting economic affect, compounding decades of generational poverty.

The sad and unfortunate truth is that too many people are forced to choose: family or career? Sacrifices like this will ultimately stunt growth in household incomes for decades to come. Digitization and technological advancements widening gaps and leading to the scarcity of jobs that correspond to the skillset of individuals. Employers are sometimes forced to hire people with either insufficient competencies or overqualified, adversely impacting growth, sustainability, and competitiveness. As technology continues to improve, employers are making more moves toward automation and putting their faith in technology and less in people.

These circumstances create unnecessary sacrifices and perpetuates poverty in certain households inflicting more emotional and financial detriment on those individuals which does not sit well with Michele. Due to her courage to stand up and challenge the status quo for better quality, low cost, and greater efficiency Michele has always been successful and a leader in her career. To “move beyond lip service” is her call to action and an initiative towards diversity and inclusion. Michele’s stand on the thought that the “economic growth is good” expresses a falsehood that the economic growth has only been good for some, but not all, particularly those who are in most need of the economic growth. Change is essential in all we do. The old adage that “Growth creates work. Work creates wealth. Wealth closes the gap between rich and poor” has wronged us!

The cost associated with employment goes far beyond poverty, inflicting lasting damage not only on employees, but their families and society. We are living in a time of increased rates of physical and mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, child, and spouse abuse, failed relationships, suicides, homelessness, domestic and gun violence. We have an obligation and opportunity to challenge the status quo.

Paying Lip Service to Diversity Doesn’t Work

Many organizations tout the importance of diversity and inclusion, but few have successfully acted on those goals. At Reflections Staffing, we assess job seekers through a different lens by structuring our recruitment practices and prioritizing individual’s talent, potential, and mindset. This enlarges our talent pool and eliminates implicit biases. There’s a world of brilliant people of all backgrounds and Reflections Staffing’s experienced team of experts will find them!

Ready to thrive together for future generations?

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Reflections Staffing is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.”


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